Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty On-The-Go

1. Based on the humid weather at the travel destination, I picked out these few products as my must-haves for this trip that serve to prolong the longevity of my makeup. Also one number missing from the pic which is the All-Nighter spray from Urban Decay.
2-3. Zebra printed makeup bag. A great find from Winners a while ago and finally get in use for this trip. It's made of waterproof fabric and comes with a hanger hook. Composed of several zip transparent pockets which fit my cosmetics and brushes for this three-week trip impeccably, love the functionality of this bag that it holds my makeup securely and keeps them very well organized!
4. The nail colors I'm fond of for vacation & early spring. I usually pile up those two on the far right. The sparkling tube reminds me a color from the Kate Perry for OPI collection, 'cept it is a quarter of the price! Colors from left to right: Revlon 620 Bewitching (new shade!), OPI Hot & Spicy, OPI Metallic 4 Life, OPI Samoan Sand (my all-time fav nude color), Sally Hansen 4860 Strobe Light.

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