Thursday, May 5, 2016

sephora vib sale

It's that time of the year again! Here is a quick review of what I picked up this year. 

1. Benefit Cheekathon Palette. This palette is absolutely a steal! It comes with five full size blushes/ bronzer at the price of two. Although I already have the "Rockateur" blush so I am not sure whether to keep this or not, this product is definitely great for those who have been wanting to try Benefit's box blushes. 

2. Anastasia Glow Kit in 'That Glow'. My complexion has a neutral/yellow undertone so I decided to pick up this warm/bronze-toned palette over the pink one. This is the first Anastasia's non-brow product I have tried and the quality definitely does not disappoint. The powder is creamy, pigmented and the shimmer it gives off is natural and on-point. 

3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water Foundation. This foundation is light-weight and hydrating, which makes it perfect for those with normal to dry skin who don't need much coverage. It is just unfortunate that it does not work with my skin type, returning!

4. Sephora Airbrush foundation. After hearing all the hype about this product on Youtube, I decided to pick up my very first Sephora-branded product and I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product applies. It leaves the face a beautiful airbrush and flawless look while allowing your skin to peek through. Some people may find the spray messy to work with, but I like to apply it with my towel hairband which hides my hair line entirely.  So tempted to pick up their airbrush blush as well! 
5. Hourglass Ambient bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light/ Ambient Light Blush in Incandescent Electra/ Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. Hourglass has always and will always be my favorite high-end makeup brand. Their price points are steep but I am a sucker for the natural luminosity their products leave on your face. Been so obsessed with the bronzer, it seriously gives off the most beautiful summer glow. 

6. Nars blush in 'Madly'. Best kind of everyday, apricot-toned blush. Try it if you haven't!

7. Urban Decay All nighter Makeup Setting Spray. One of my HG products! This is perhaps my third or fourth repurchase. I don't use this every day, but this is the one product I always go for whenever I need to have my makeup to stay in place stay  

8. Too Faced Hangover Hydrating Primer. As it says in its name, it is hydrating and it prolongs the wear of make-up. It also has a hint of coconut smell! 

9. Laura Mercier Blemish-less Foundation Primer.  I am not quite sure whether this primer makes my foundation stays longer, but I do notice my blush/ bronzer do not budge at all when I have this primer on. Also, the blemish-less formula is perfect for my skin type, it has not broke me out so far.

10. Laura Mercier Powder Puff.

11. The Original Beauty Blender. I have the black BB and thought it was an average product. I rarely use it. But I did not know until recently that the black and pink BBs are made for applying different products. Sure enough, I picked up the pink BB and it is definitely a lot bouncier than the black one. It is not as stiff and it applies my liquid products (foundation & concealer) perfectly! Highly recommend this over the black one if you are thinking of picking up one of these beauty blenders.

Soooo...that was quite a splurge but I think I am all good on makeup until the next VIB sale comes around! :$
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