Saturday, February 9, 2013


Beauty lust list

Urban Decay sparkly eyeshadow, 50 CAD / Tarte foundation, 38 CAD / Too Faced Cosmetics , 47 CAD / Benefit blush, 37 CAD / COVERGIRL foundation, 9.78 CAD / COVERGIRL , 6.23 CAD / Kiehl's kiehl s, 76 CAD / Fresh lip treatment, 22 CAD / Too Faced Cosmetics beauty product, 39 CAD / Benefit beauty product, 38 CAD

I find my shopping impulses rotate between clothings and beauty products from time to time.
When it comes to cosmetics, though I do wear them everyday I think I am rather conservative on trying out new products, and only allow myself to purchase replacements when I used up a type of product. This way I can avoid keeping expired make-ups and end up using only one-tenth of the product... which I believe it's a very usual case for most of the girls. 
I put together several new products that are oh-so-cute, along with a few (more boring) products that I need and have heard too many great things about lately:)


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    1. Aw thank you so much for your kind words! Really appreciated it!
      Hope you enjoyed your stay :)