Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In the midst of wondering, what I wish to do for living and how to myself get there. I won't find it strange for normal young people to feel a sense of lost in direction and people often say, you'll eventually get to a point in life to find out what they are. The word 'eventually' is tricky. I enjoy the security came from planning ahead and I understand very well that I won't appreciate the feeling of wasting time, stepping into the wrong path and left myself whining about how I should have done this and that instead (though it might have already happened), the undeniable truth is that- time won't wait for you to decide.
Determined to gather a rough list of realistic goals, both life and academic-wise and all i need right now is once again.. time, to get them done before they can 'eventually' bring to me somewhere i'd like to be at.

(Wearing tee by Zara)

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