Thursday, March 31, 2016

vacation planning

(Joel Robuchon Restaurant, taken in Tokyo last summer)

I'd like to consider myself as a travel junkie. Growing up as a kid, my parents have always brought me to travel to somewhere new every summer. I have grown fond of exploring new places; I enjoy both the excitement and uncertainty of what's to come. I love everything about planning a trip, that includes spending my time to research about the city, plotting a schedule, and even packing my bags!

After months of planning, I have finally confirmed my trip to Asia this late spring/ summer. My destinations for this trip include Hong Kong, Taipei and Osaka. Accommodations in Asia can be expensive, especially in big cities like Taipei and Osaka. I decided to go on airbnb to try my luck, and I was pleasantly surprised by how chic and modern some of the options are... I would move in in a heartbeat!

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